Tahiti Here We Come! Why Tahiti is a “Once in a Lifetime” kind of destination

French Polynesia is made up of 118 islands located in the South Pacific. The transcendent sceneries, lush coral reefs, golden beaches and Māori culture make up this globally-­renowned destination, and is considered by many, to be a slice of heaven on earth.

1. Kick the romance up a notch and head to Tahiti, one of the Top 5 Most Romantic places in the entire World!

With its exclusive resorts and idyllic over-water bungalows, Tahiti is irrefutably one of the planets most romantic destinations. Known for their world-renowned beaches, unspoiled crystal blue waters, and lush flora and fauna, the islands of Tahiti are justifiably a dream travel destination for romantics and couples everywhere. Solitude, luxury, and relaxation set the stage for a one of a kind escape that is uniquely romantic and special.

2. The crystal clear turquoise water!! Seeing is truly believing!

You have seen the pictures and have heard the travel stories, but until you can see, feel, and embrace the magic of pristine waters of the south pacific, this is one natural wonder you will be dreaming to experience. Here you will find an abundance of water-based activities including kayaking and paddle boarding, jet-skiing, surfing and fishing.

Tahiti is where you want to be!

The islands of Tahiti are the considered to be the “richest aquarium on earth”. Home to over 1000 species of fish and marine life with an unparalleled diversity of colors, shapes and sizes. The abundance of valleys, caverns and vibrant coral gardens offers a multitude of nooks and crannies for marine life and offers an incomparable backdrop to snorkel or dive with sharks, stingrays, and even humpback whales!

3. Some of the most unique accommodation in the world!

There aren’t too many places that you can wake up in the morning, poke your head out on to your wooden balcony, and gaze out over the tranquil turquoise lagoon as your breakfast glides smoothly to your bungalow by Polynesian canoe.

A truly Tahitian sanctuary of traditional thatched roof bungalows are sitting proudly perched on elevated stilts over turquoise lagoon waters. Tropical fish swim below the glass floors and each Polynesian sanctuary is adorned with hibiscus flowers, modern touches and amenities, all overlooking the calm, clear water and golden seabed.

4. Getting Here! Flying to Tahiti is not as far as your think it is!

While Tahiti is located in the South Pacific, the flight from the West Coast is only 1.5 hours longer than if you were to fly to Hawaii! Leaving Los Angeles or San Francisco, you are looking at an 8 hour flight before you step foot on to the pristine white sand of this lush and unspoiled destination.

You will arrive in Papeete which is the main international airport and also the capital city of French Polynesia. Once you arrive in Tahiti, there is a myriad of ways to explore the other islands. From land trips, flying and ferries, you can easily visit the other islands during your stay, and experience the unique landscapes and culture that each island has to offer.

5. The people of Tahiti are like none other!

Tahitians are a peaceful society with a profound respect and admiration for their ma’ohi ancestors, timeless heritage, and expressive culture. Attend an enchanting Tahitian dance show, be mesmerised by the Tahitian dance’s costumes, music and fire. Their philosophy, aita pea pea, which translates to “not to worry” truly depicts the Tahitian values and way of life. These warm, welcoming people possess an innocent and carefree spirit and are easily some of the happiest, nicest and friendliest people in the world.

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